Restoring Your Property Following Signficant Flooding

Significant flooding is one of the most devastating events that can affect your home and property. Not responding correctly to this type of crisis can result in major complications arising for the homeowner and their property.

Recognize The Hazards Floodwaters Can Contain

Unfortunately, floodwaters can pose a significant threat to your health and safety. This is because the water often contains harmful chemicals and bacteria. This is especially true when the flooding has compromised your septic system, which allows waste to dissolve into the floodwaters. Due to these hazards, you should avoid exposure to the water unless you have the appropriate safety gear to avoid contact with your skin.

Turn Off The Utilities To The Home

Limiting the damage that occurs to your home during a flooding incident is critical to keep the repair and restoration costs low. To this end, be sure to turn off the utilities to the house. This reduces the risk of an electrical fire starting, which can cause further damage to the home. Additionally, if damage has occurred to the pipes, turning off the water to your home can reduce the ability of these leaks to continue adding water to the flooded areas.

Thoroughly Document The Interior And Exterior Flood Damage

Due to the expenses that are involved with repairing a home after flooding has occurred, you will likely need to use your insurance for these costs. Taking photographs of the flooding damage can be useful for proving the extent of the damage that your home suffered in the event that the insurance attempts to dispute the flooding damage. In addition to documenting the damage to the interior, the exterior damage should also be documented, but this is a part of the process that many homeowners may neglect to do.

Schedule Repairs As Soon As Any Area Of Your Home Suffers Flood Damage

It can be tempting to neglect repairs in situations where the flooding is limited to unimportant areas of the house, such as the basement or crawlspaces. However, failing to repair this water damage can lead to rot developing in these areas, which can create structural problems for the house. Additionally, the moist environment could also contribute to mold growing, which can pose significant health problems for the occupants of the home. Acting quickly to repair flooding damage regardless of its location or severity can greatly reduce the chances of these costly complications arising for the home.

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