When It's Worth Buying A Custom Lampshade

With so many lampshades available at home decor stores these days, you might wonder why anyone would bother ordering a custom lampshade. Custom lampshades usually cost more than standard store-bought ones, and you do have to wait for them to be made. However, there are definitely some situations that call for a custom lampshade.

You want to replicate an antique lampshade

Styles of lampshades have really changed over the past few years. Most lampshades used to be quite delicate with rounded edges. They were made from finer materials like lace and satin. Today, modern lampshades are made with more synthetic materials and in more geometric shapes. If you want an older-style look, you may want to have a custom-made lampshade. This approach works if you have an older, antique lampshade and would like to have an identical one made. It also works if you want to replicate an antique shade you happened to come across in an antique store or craft shop.

You want specific colors in the shade

Another time when it's worth having a custom shade made is when you want to have custom colors. Say, for example, you have a blue wall and you want that exact color blue incorporated into your lampshade. You might spend forever looking through several stores and still never find the exact shade of blue you're after. Hiring a lampshade maker to create a lampshade for you, using the exact colors you want, is a smarter approach. You can even usually work in as many specific colors as you want.

You want the shade made from a certain piece of fabric

Perhaps you have a specific piece of fabric that means something to you. Maybe you have a blanket from your grandmother or a t-shirt you won at an event. You want to preserve that item by having it made into a lampshade. This is something that a custom lampshade maker can typically do for you. They might not use the fabric to form an entire shade, but they can use a piece of the fabric as an accent, or as an addition to the shade. It will depend on the fabric you have, its size, and the type of shade you want.

Even though lampshades are widely available in stores, there are still times when having them custom-made is better. Contact a custom lampshades maker near you to learn more about their pricing scheme and how they work.