What Constitutes A Flood Damage Emergency?

If you have flood damage on your property, you need to have a water cleanup crew clear up the remaining moisture. While the task should be a top priority, the damage may not call for emergency cleanup services.

What constitutes the need for emergency flood damage cleanup services? If you're unsure, call an emergency flood cleanup representative to assist you. Or, you can use this guide to help you learn what makes a flooding emergency.

The flooding was from natural causes

Natural causes for flooding include excessive rainfall, an overflowing river or other water sources, or a retaining wall breaking and causing groundwater to overflow into the home. The reason why natural flooding is cause for concern is this: there's no way of knowing what kind of bacteria, parasites, chemicals, or contaminants are in the water, particularly if the water source is a river, canal, or wastewater source.

You need to call an emergency flood damage cleanup crew after vacating your property. This way, you can contain the damage that has been done and work to restore the property to the way it was before. You also protect your family against water-borne illnesses by having emergency services come to your property to treat the damage.

The flooding was from unclean indoor sources

Any water that is flooding from a toilet, sewer line, dishwashing machine, or other unclean indoor areas should constitute an emergency in water damage. This is particularly true if the water cannot be stopped or contain and there is a fear of flooding numerous floors or even neighboring homes. You should never try to clean up a major flood on your own, especially if you have an auto-immune disorder, are having upper respiratory issues, have someone who is very young or very old in your home, or if you have pets that might try to gain access to the water.

If you experience any type of flooding in your home, have the water damage treated professionally. This is the best way to restore your home and property and protect your family from illness and potential exposure to disease. An emergency water damage cleanup crew will assess the damage and prioritize your situation as needed and will help restore your home so you can move back into it again. Vacate your property until you have been given clearance to go back inside again and refer to your cleanup crew for any questions regarding the water damage cleanup process.